The company Hueck Rheinische GmbH designs, manufactures and sells embossed press plates and press pads for the wood working industry. Hueck draws on years of experience in the field of press plates and pads from 120 skilled and dedicated employees at the manufacturing sites in Stolberg and Viersen (Germany) for the company’s success.

Hueck Rheinische in its present form exists since 2008 and originates from the companies Eduard Hueck Lüdenscheid and Rheinische Filztuch Fabrik. Eduard Hueck introduced in 1938 the first large-scale brass and aluminium press plates. The Rheinische Filztuch Fabrik started 290 years ago as a textile manufacturer and became increasingly a manufacturer of technical fabrics over time.   
Thus, the Hueck Rheinische looks back on years of experience in the field of press plates and pads and offers individual and high-quality complete solutions – Hueck is a reliable partner from the beginning of the development to the realisation of the surface.
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