Tradition and innovation

In its age-old history, Pagnoni reveals an entrepreneurial tenacity truly exemplary. Since its foundation, in 1848, the family itself has been always steadily at the head of the company. Two brothers, for five generations, share the responsibility of leading the company through historical events and economic trends as proof of an uncommon devotion and constancy. This talent is still reflected in the guidance of the company, that has always proposed, and still offers, an exclusive customised service. Over the various ages, the company turned out to be specialist in the construction of presses for many products The force of the company is unquestionably its flexibility and dynamism, maintained to meet the requirements of each customer to supply a made-to-order service. The competence of constructing turn-key projects, press lines or single machines, studied for a specific order, is ensured by the size of the company, which has been intentionally kept contained to provide personal control of all phases of the construction process with the utmost care to offer the customers "state of the science" technology and "old world" craftsmanship. With this history Pagnoni can face new challenges with the same old beliefs with ever continuing technological and human resources.

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